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Crown Lengthening

Before placing a crown your general dentist must first prepare your tooth. Sometimes there is not enough tooth structure above the gum line to accept a new crown. "Crown lengthening" provides more tooth structure for your crown. This ensures a more stable crown with less resulting gum irritation.

Natural Bone Regeneration  Your jawbone is what supports your teeth and gums. Unfortunately, severe periodontal infection dissolves parts of your jawbone. This bone loss can eventually lead to the loss of your teeth. The first step of treatment is to remove the periodontal disease, which halts the bone loss. Then we repair the damage that has occurred. In many cases, various bone regeneration techniques can be used to re-grow some of the jawbone that was lost.

Aesthetic Ridge Augmentation  Sometimes after an extraction, there will be a sunken spot or concave appearance in your gum line. This looks unsightly and can also jeopardize the appearance of a bridge that goes over the area. Grafting material can be inserted under the gum to fill out this depression.

Natural ridge augmentation can also be used to build up an area of bone so that a dental implant can be placed.

Aesthetic Soft Tissue Grafting  Longer teeth or exposed tooth roots can look unsightly. They can also increase your sensitivity to heat, cold or sweets. In some cases, through a plastic surgical procedure, connective tissue can grafted, or placed, in these areas to cover root surfaces.





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